October 2023 Update

What’s New on the Farm?

WE ARE!!!!!! One Month!!! It has been one month since we cut our ribbon and moved into our permanent home. One month since we added Fridays to our open days. One month since we launched on our own. Have you visited us yet? You should!

We have clients on site Tuesday – Friday from 8:15-3:30 and every 2nd Saturday from 8:00-12:00. We have homemade pickles, homemade muscadine jelly, homemade applesauce, homemade apple butter, homemade pepper jelly, farm fresh eggs and more!! If these hours are difficult for your schedule, reach out and let us know. We will see what we can arrange. Maybe you are not interested in items, but want to visit, come see us!! We love having company. Do you know why we are asking you to come visit?

The vision of Next Step Farms – to provide purpose and inclusion to a forgotten and wonderful population – does not occur if we stay isolated on Smith Vasser Road. We need community engagement. We need to show you what we can do. We need your friendship and partnership. Constructing a building is JUST the beginning!!

On October 14th, 2nd Saturday Community Work Day, Covenant Presbyterian, Chief Excavation, and other community friends assisted Next Step with some ditch work, entrance beautification planting, and orchard work. They also installed microwaves, additional security devices, and helped clean up! On October 26th, our wonderful community partners, Wilson Lumber, swooped in to set posts and wooden brace posts for the pasture fence. They also constructed the shell for Little Billy’s dog house and constructed THREE pasture land shelters for goats and miniature donkeys. Do you know what made this day absolutely amazing? It was the fact that our clients worked alongside Wilson Lumber employees! It is safe to say that everyone received a blessing that day. We still have the fencing to run, gates to install, and finishing touches for the shelters, but it will not be much longer before more critters move to the farm. Very exciting.

LAH/ID Waiver Provider

As you know we have been approved to be LAH/ID waiver providers, still waiting. On Friday, October 27, visitors from Montgomery inspected our permanent site.

Sustainability Partners

Becoming a sustainability partner means that you commit to a monthly donation for a minimum of one year. When you sign up, you will receive a free
jar of jam or jelly, or pickles based on the monthly membership that you select. You can sign up by simply going to our Donate page, click monthly donor, complete the necessary information, and each month your account will automatically donate. If you prefer to donate through direct deposit or a check, simply email us at info@nextstepfarms.org for required information for your banking services.

2nd Saturday Workdays

On November 11 we will be on the property tackling numerous tasks: apple tree planting, chainsaw cutting, and clearing area for pigs and friends. COME JOIN US!!! You can let us know you’re coming by sending us an email: info@nextstepfarms.org

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