Current Needs:

  • Garden seeds – tomatoes, cucumbers, marigolds,
  • strawberries, corn, peppers
  • Herbs – lavender, dill, basil, parsley,
  • Potting soil for seeding
  • Ten apple trees – any variety
  • Two fig trees
  • 12 blueberry bushes
  • For Goats:
  • Water tough
  • Goat feed
  • Garden shed for storing feed and seed

In addition to one-time operations and maintenance expenses, Next Step Farms provides many of the daily needs of our students including canning supplies, food, and office supplies. If you have the ability to provide any of the items on the list below, we would be happy to arrange for pickup or transport to our facility. And we are always open to suggestions! Our students thrive on new challenges and interesting projects.

Ongoing Needs:

  • Canning Supplies- Canning supplies include empty jars, unused lids, rings, and a potato masher (for mashing the fruit to make jams)
  • Food- To help with canning we need cucumbers to make pickles, and any berries in season to make jam.

Amazon Wish List

Please visit our Amazon Wish List to see our current needs. You can order directly from Amazon or contact us to arrange a pick-up.

Thank you for your constant support of Next Step Farms! All donations are greatly appreciated!

Pickup or delivery arrangements for tax-deductible donations can be made using the form on our Donations page. We greatly appreciate all of our generous supporters! You are making a huge difference in the lives of everyone who relies on Next Step Farms.

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