January 2023 Update

Fence line has been cleared and estimates for the fence are rolling in. Plumbing has passed early-stage inspection, and we are waiting on the concrete! It is time to pick out windows and doors! Isn’t that exciting. The vision is coming together, and we feel honored and blessed to be a part of meeting a need. In January, we will resume targeted Community Workdays. We have outlined various target areas and deadline dates for these tasks. Our first date will be January 21, 2023. We will be targeting the back acreage for this month. In November and December, we brought in large equipment to clear a fence line path, special thanks to Jason Fox. Special shout out to Andrew Young with Chief Excavation on a skid steer to clear a perimeter path for the fence. We are now accessing parts of the property that have never been accessed before, and with it we found treasures. Tasks for future workdays include “treasure” removal, and stump and tree dragging to the pit and burning. We are asking volunteers to sign up so that we know how to plan. This will also enable us to communicate directly with you instead of a mass email to everyone.

Clients are continuing to amaze us with their gains of independence: Verifying bank deposit amounts, planning monthly menus, making quart after quart of pickles, and endless jellies. It truly shows that when we find purpose within ourselves, we find contentment. Oh, how so many of us should be learning from them!! Currently, we need to restock these delicious items, so watch our Facebook and Instagram page for updates about availability. The vision of Next Step Farms is only successful when we intermingle and learn to value one another. Delivery and shipping is currently not an option, please come see us!

Construction is beginning and as each week passes, we will need help with site cleanup and odd tasks. We are attempting to cut the cost as best we can with many volunteer hands. Please join us in making sure this cost is not passed on to our clients. Fundraising and awareness are how we achieve that goal. Some of the work we will be handling ourselves, but even that requires money to secure supplies. We need you NOW. There are 21,000 individuals in Madison County alone that would benefit from a program to give them purposes and hands-on skills. See the need and know that Next Step Farms is answering that need. But we cannot do it alone. We need to lock arms with private and corporate sponsorship. Contact us to help be the answer to that need.

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