As with any facility that provides instruction, supervision, and care for individuals, Next Step Farms incurs operational expenses. We are able to operate our facility for as little as $85 per student per day. For some students, this cost is funded by personal savings, contributions by family members, or with trust funds and Medicare.

Next Step Farms makes every effort to keep the cost of our program affordable and within reach of needy individuals. Sadly, there are some deserving students whose families do not have the financial resources to allow them to attend our program. We are seeking sponsorship for these individuals.

Please consider sponsoring one or more students to attend our program. We will provide an invoice and donation receipt for tax purposes. Our scholarship donation options are listed below and we have students on our waiting list. Your generous support will allow a student to learn valuable life skills. Our program is designed to provide benefit for as little as 1 day per week so, no matter which option you choose, you can be sure you are making a difference in the life of a person who just needs a little extra help!

Days Per WeekCost Per MonthCost For 6 MonthsCost Per Year

To sponsor one of the students on our waiting list, simply make a donation for an amount listed above and note that the funds are to be used for a scholarship, or contact us to discuss other sponsorship opportunities.

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