July 2023 Update

There are 21,000 individuals in Madison County alone that would benefit from a program to give them purpose and hands-on skills. See the need and know that Next Step Farms is answering that need. But we cannot do it alone. For this month’s newsletter, we have a lot of information to push out to you. To help you locate specifics and refer to it. Each section includes an update and how you can help us.

Sustainability Partners

Next Step Farms is excited to launch its Sustainability Partnership!! Some of you already participate in this and we want to see this grow!! Becoming a sustainability partner means that you commit to a monthly donation for a minimum of one year. When you sign up, you will receive a free jar of jam or jelly, or pickles based on the monthly membership that you select. You can sign up by simply going to our website https://nextstepfarms.org/donate/, click monthly donor, complete the necessary information, and each month your account will automatically donate . If you prefer to donate through direct deposit or a check, simply email us at info@nextstepfarms.org for required information for your banking services.

Become a Quart Donor ($100), Pint Donor ($75), ½ Pint Donor ($50), or ¼ Pint Donor ($25)!!!


This past week, the sheetrock team emerged on the property to rapidly complete their assigned task. The cabinetry crew will be ready within the next two weeks. We will then schedule delivery and installation. Instead of using volunteers to complete the interior painting, we have decided to hire a professional crew to do so. We are currently awaiting quotes from two companies. If you are a professional painter interested in being considered for the job, please contact Robin as soon as possible. We hope to make a decision very, very soon.

We are staining the concrete floor and sealing it ourselves. Our current quote is for $25,000, so we need to look at doing it ourselves. We need people who can help with this, especially if you have experience. Please let us know via email at robin.kramer@nextstepfarms.org


Annual Hotdog Eating Contest – We are so excited to be the benefactor of the Tastee’s Community Event- First Annual Hotdog Eating Contest. This event is a great way to learn about Next Step Farms, meet local political figures and local first responders. If you like hotdogs, we need YOU to compete!! It is July 29th, from 10 to 2 with the contest at 12 at Monrovia Elementary. We will offer food, bouncy houses, dunking booths, K9 demonstrations, SWAT team visits, photo ops from a fire truck to list just a few things. Let’s celebrate back to school together! We need people who can eat any many hotdogs as they can in 5 minutes!!!

2nd Saturday Workdays – On July 8 we will be on the property tackling numerous tasks. More hands make for lighter workloads. This month we will be removing debris from around the property such as dirt mounds and rocks, cleaning the inside, finishing the front porch painting, and routine maintenance. We NEED tractors to move dirt piles and rocks, wheelbarrows to gather and dump rocks, and cleaners to help with the inside clean up.

August Art Auction – We are so excited for our 2nd Annual Art Auction. The weeklong online auction will be held August 26-August 31st!!! More information is coming soon! We need donated pieces of artwork from local artists to supplement our event!

September 30 – 1st Annual Next Step Farms Fall Festival Vendors NEEDED – We are looking for local vendors who would like to set up a booth at our Fall Festival. Send an email titled “Vendor Application” to info@nextstepfarms.org

LAH/ID Waiver Provider

As you know we have been approved to be LAH/ID waiver providers, at this point, we are simply waiting for the powers that be to list our provider number and flip the switch. We have had our inspections at both the temporary and permanent locations, so we wait.

Harvest Area Neighbors and Dumping

As you know, our future home is located in the Harvest community near the county line. Our beautiful 15 acres sit on the corner of Orvil Smith and Smith Vasser. Our property extends to the far back tree line on Orvil Smith. Since we purchased the property, we have struggled with people dumping unwanted items on our property. We have seen EVERYTHING, and I mean everything from furniture to just trash. The county commission picks up these items when the monthly rotation occurs, but until that time it is an eyesore on our property. If you live near this area, please help us put a stop to this. We have cameras but the offenders are elusive to them. We do not put our trash in your yard, please return the favor.

Client Volunteers

If you have passion for the population of special needs and want to volunteer with our individuals, our staff can use your scheduled support on a weekly basis. This is a great way to get your foot in the door for future employment!

We need people seeking future employment to come volunteer with us. If gardening, cooking, animal tendering or property maintenance are passions for you combined with a heart for the special-needs population, join us.

We need you! Send an email today to info@nextstepfarms.org.

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