May 2023 Update

The month of April has been a bit slower than previous months, but we appreciate the rest and refocus even though it can fuel nerves and anxiety. Progress with construction has slowed for the month due to numerous circumstances called the ebbs and flows which include weather, contract demands and funding. Siding and roof should be completed any day now so that we can move forward with sheet rock. While waiting, we enjoyed the time to plan and begin perimeter and animal fencing, select cabinets and countertops, and begin our first garden on site. There is still much to do and we will need help. Please keep in mind that we do not control the schedule, we are sitting on go as well. In the weeks/months to come, we will be painting on the inside, staining and sealing the floor, building a chicken coop, fencing the animal areas, and MOVING!!!!!

Our exciting news is that we have been approved to be LAH/ID waiver providers. Our application has been accepted, background checks cleared, and fee paid. We hope to receive the certificate and be listed by the end of May 2023.

Next Step Farms would like to thank the GFWC du Midi Women’s Club for their sponsorship this year. The President selected four local nonprofits that serve adults with disabilities as her project this year, we were honored to be among them with Special Camps Foundation, Inside Out Studios, and 305 8th Street.

Don’t forget our 2nd Saturday Community Workdays, this month is on May 13, which is the same day we will host our 3rd annual Poker Run with Redstone Harley Davidson. Stops include Tastees, Bottlenecks and Next Step Farms. It will be a busy day for our core people!! We need help. For those who do not ride but can assist with the workday, please contact Chris, Robin or Julia for information. For those who ride, we hope to see you!! One of our stops will be NSF. Throughout the day, you will encounter clients and their families, several of our top supporters including board members. If all goes as planned, some of us will be riding in the event. There are 21,000 individuals in Madison County alone that would benefit from a program to give them purpose and hands-on skills. See the need and know that Next Step Farms is answering that need. But we cannot do it alone. Now is the time to be a part of something BIG, meeting a need to a forgotten population. We need to lock arms with private and corporate sponsorship. Contact us at to help be the answer to that need. Fundraising and awareness are how we continue to achieve these goals. We need you NOW. We have been touched by your generosity in the past, but we have reached the bottom of our safety net. More than half of our building expenses have been paid for by YOUR generosity. Now we need to utilize a loan – we still need you.

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