February 2024 Update

When the land for Next Step Farms was purchased, there was an old, ugly crow cedar tree in the middle of the front south pasture. It was straight out of a spooky movie, but I loved that tree. To me it resembled an ugly past longing for a new purpose and hope. I knew Next Step would be providing a hope to local families … things were changing. I wanted to keep that tree as a reminder. As it would be, that tree fell while we were clearing one day and I cried. This dear man, my friend Eric, knew how heartbroken I was about a tree. He knew that I was trying to remain optimistic, and the struggle was real. Without my knowing, he located the downed tree and cut sections from it. Last week, Eric and Kim presented me with the most beautiful and inspiring gift…. A handmade birdhouse from the tree. A tree that served as simple inspiration to keep serving and pushing forward now lives renewed as a birdhouse. Hope and Purpose continued, sometimes it is just better than we can imagine ……

Keep pushing forward my friends. And YOU Can Help US Push Forward…

Healthy Habits!

At Next Step Farms, we end our days learning and practicing healthy life habits AWAY from technology. This week we kicked off our “Bringing Others In” campaign. We are learning how to knit and sew!

Do you have a healthy habit that YOU would like to teach us on fairly regular basis between the hours of 1:45 and 3:00 – once a week, twice a month, once a month? Woodworking? Painting? Game playing? Music – piano, spoons, guitar, washboard? Any skill? Send us an email at info@nextstepfarms.org or call us at 256-993-2561 to sign up!!!

Sustainability Partners

Becoming a sustainability partner means that you commit to a monthly donation for a minimum of one year. Current sustainability partners do not have their donations allocated. Is it possible that you are holding back from becoming a partner because you want to KNOW where you money is being used? We can help with that! Some options for designated funds include- Animal Care, Culinary Education, Gardening Education, Equipment Maintenance Education. When you sign up, if general funds does not meet your heart’s desire, let us know what does. You can sign up by simply visiting our donor page, click monthly donor, complete the necessary information, and each month your account will automatically donate. If you prefer to donate through direct deposit or a check, simply email us at info@nextstepfarms.org for required information for your banking services.

Become a Quart Donor ($100), Pint Donor ($75), ½ Pint Donor ($50), or ¼ Pint Donor ($25)!!!

Current Needs ….
  • Garden seeds – tomatoes, cucumbers, marigolds,
  • strawberries, corn, peppers
  • Herbs – lavender, dill, basil, parsley,
  • Potting soil for seeding
  • Ten apple trees – any variety
  • Two fig trees
  • 12 blueberry bushes
  • For Goats:
  • Water tough
  • Goat feed
  • Garden shed for storing feed and seed

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